Marketing 101

Every author that writes a book wants to sell it or at the very least have people read it. They have spent over a thousand hours writing and rewriting. Through the agonizing labor pains of late nights, dry eyes, and neglecting family and friends they have given birth to a 12 oz. bundle of joy– their book. The pride, the passing around the cigars, the congratulatory hand shake and slap on the back only carries the author so far and then they face the mountain–marketing and sales. A shear face of slippery rock that rises a mile above them. It seems impossible to climb. But wait, the author hears the faint calls of those who have gone on before them. They look up. They see those that were successful. They hear their voices boasting of numbers of sales and money generated. They want to be like them, scale the mountain, find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But soon they find nothing works. Their sales are in the toilet and they discover their time has been wasted, and the have neglected friends and family for an unjust cause, and lack of sleep served no purpose at all.
Is this the harsh reality for writers? The answer is–it depends. First of all, you better have a passion for writing. Second of all, you better totally enjoy the process. If these two are true then the answer above is no. What you enjoy  doing is never a waste of time, even if no one ever reads a single word you write. But you say- wait a minute, I love writing but someone has to enjoy what I’m writing about–right? That is true, and the answer is you– you enjoy what your writing. Pat yourself on the back for accomplishing the task of writing a novel and at the same time enjoying the process.
But what about sales? I’ve got to have sales least I die–right? For some yes, for others no. For me I need to sale, sale, sale because I have a message and a story and a world, and a  so forth and so on I absolutely have to share.
Finally I will get to the point. After six months of having my book Poison from the Pulpit released I needed to generate some sales. I tried two advertising campaigns, each lasting only one day each. I will share the details later. So how’d I do? Ehh, only minimal sales on the first campaign, but I was almost satisfied with the results. The second campaign was three times more effective than the first. I jumped up touched my heels and did the happy dance. Did I make money on either campaign? No, but I didn’t think I was going to, so I wasn’t disappointed. I am counting on the assumption that my book is good, so good that those that purchased it will tell others about it. Is this happening? It is too early to tell but I do see some sharing going on Kindle.
I’m just getting started in advertising and I believe at some point there will be a payoff– if there isn’t–I seriously would be surprised. My advice to authors is to read other authors post about the ways to advertise and the results that they have received with each advertisement. If you think you have a great book, then don’t give up, keep plodding forward  in hopes that your book will soon be discovered.

Happy writing and happy reading to all, and to all a good night.


Book review on Harlan Coben’s Long Lost

I just finished Harlan Coben’s book Long Lost a Mystery/Thriller. The reason I read it in the first place was to get an idea of the pace of a good mystery/thriller. I needed to know what needed to be discovered, and how many sub discoveries needed to be discovered before the big honking discovery was finally discovered. Wow that is a lot of discoveries. Of course that is just the mystery part of the book. For the action/thriller part of the book I needed to know how often does a good mystery/thrill actually need to thrill you. In Mr. Coben’s book it happens quite often, not just one big crescendo at the end which does take place in Long Lost. My friend Harlan (actually I’ve never met him) kept me turning the pages.Myron the main character is a likable guy, and Win, his buddy from his college days, adds the spark to ignite the pages. Wow that’s melodramatic, maybe I’m too passionate about this book. Harlan is humorous with his word play and introduces some interesting characters. All-in-all I really liked the book so much so I am  borrowing his characters Myron and Win and writing my own book—I’m joking, I would never, ever do that–well maybe.

Seriously speaking, I’ am actually writing something new, something I haven’t tried before. I am in the middle of  a new book, a paranormal mystery/thriller. I got stuck in neutral at the 50,000 word mark. I took my fingers in for a tune up, a lube and oil and
finished them off with a manicure. It help a little. Optimistically speaking, I should be done with the first draft in about 6 weeks. Pessimistically speaking, trying to finish this book will kill me and it will linger in eternity undone. I will keep you posted as I plod along.    Happy Reading

A question to ask yourself

Jonathan Taylor, a pastor from Olympia, Washingtophoto(2)n, is put in such a position. He is called out of the North to head up a church in the deep South, where racism, segregation, and hate have not only filled the town, but also the congregation that he is sent to pastor. Read “Poison from the Pulpit” as see how Jonathan fares when he meets  bigotry head on.

“Poison fro the Pulpit” available for download through for 0.99 cents.

Poison from the Pulpit

My new book “Poison from the Pulpit” is now available at

A story that needed to be written,
a story that had to be told.

Is now available at
Is now available at

In the 1960’s South, a small town in Alabama has its hands full when a young preacher from the North is sent down to pastor an all White church.

The preacher butts head with the good ‘ol boys’ mentality of segregation, and hate. His desire for equality causes outrage amongst the congregation.

In his zeal to do what is right, he makes a horrible mistake. Now, he must decide whether to pursue justice and put a stop to the evil that has gripped the town, or flee to protect his wife and daughter.